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[ATM] Music Meme #2

Another try at the music meme, in lieu of aught else to write. Ten songs, picked at random, for the duration of which I wrote about a character. In this case, Hiru. Surprise, surprise.

1. Keaton’s Quiz / Koji Kondo

There is a magic in the masks, a magic that robs all guests of sense and care, a magic that leaves them open to their every desire, to their every deadly wish.

2. Do I Disappoint You / Rufus Wainwright

She will not see him when he returns, not in the form he has always hidden from the world. Nothing could stop him entering; they are all afraid to touch him, afraid of the touch of an Unseelie even though he has dwelt among them for decades.

She is wedged in a high corner that he cannot reach, reading, carefully ignoring the evidence of her greatest personal failure, for all that he cannot see it that way any longer.

“I am leaving,” he tells her. “It would be disrespectful to leave without showing gratitude toward my mother.”

Her stony gaze does not falter, and in turn, he does not offer her thanks. A petty revenge, but revenge nonetheless.

3. Toxic Faint / Linkin Park, Britney Spears

The water sprite’s eyes are fathomless, a threadlike pupil the only sign of his focus on Hiru. It is a mark of his power, perhaps, that even so, the butterfly drowns.

4. Magic and Sword / Yuki Kajiura

The revelries are hollow when they end, and Hiru returns to his quarters empty and exhausted, feeling strangely smudged.

5. At My Most Beautiful / R.E.M.

One thing that changed with Hiru’s shift of alliance was his response to Sanga’s dramatic overtures. Though very often he still squirmed, no matter his personal embarrassment, he made every effort to return Sanga’s bold gaze, though his own remained, for a time, serious and shy. That acceptance, and careful struggle toward reciprocaton, more than anything, gave Sanga’s dedication an iron cast.

6. Zora’s Domain / Koji Kondo

Every sound echoed in the sprite’s chambers, so that the softest laugh became a soft fall of sound through stone and crystal.

7. Candy Bottom Girls / Q-Unit

If there was one thing to be said about Sanga, it was that he was persistent. It was only mildly frustrating to Hiru that his interest never seemed to wane.

“We do have other things to do, you know,” he said – gasped – as sternly as he could manage, pressed into sand and grit and cool stone and still shivering more from what Sanga’s tongue was doing to him than from the ambient temperature.

“But nothing nearly so interesting,” Sanga hummed, well-pleased.

8. Hyrule Field Main Theme / Koji Kondo

The journey was long and arduous and probably would have been less so if he had had a choice in his travelling companions. Ban had taken the addition of fae to her arsenal with a cool equanimity, and seemed to want little more of them than ease of passage and assistance with carrying or healing the weakest of their party.

Probably, if the sprite did not spend every waking moment tormenting him, Hiru would have been insulted. As it was, he was more or less relieved that she seemed to expect no more from him than she did from Skeff, healing aside, which left him plenty of time to suffer horrific levels of boredom and muscle strain when he was not busy defending himself from impolite hands.

9. Everything in Its Right Place / Radiohead

There was a full pane of reflective glass in Hiru’s chambers in his mother’s house. He was glad, when he moved to the halls of healing, that he had outgrown the mirror’s necessity: looking glasses were expensive and difficult to obtain, even for sidhe, and especially in the size he had required, growing up.

But the glamour was important. More important than food, drink, sleep, breathing.

And so, the mirror was paramount.

10. Swallow / Placebo

Auberon is silent for a long time, and when he speaks, his voice is tight and cold. “What is the meaning of this?”

The urge to explain himself, to explain fully so that his lord will understand, and so, forgive him, rises in Hiru’s throat so that for a moment the words choke him, and there are very nearly tears in his eyes as he suppresses his laughter, for he is grateful, truly: those words are not the words he wants to say.

They are certainly not the words he needs to say, here and now.

Still, it takes him time, and Auberon is impatient, angry. His anger makes the court around them shrink back, and Hiru imagines this is a good thing; Auberon’s fury would be many times greater if the entire court heard what he had to say, what he had chosen to do, in light of the iron plague and his contact with their enemy court.

It might undermine him.

They couldn’t have that.

“I do not belong to this court, Lord Auberon,” he says, and the words are smooth and calm.

He feels so very far from them.

In other news, this song should not be as addictive as it is. D:


Feb. 13th, 2008 12:06 pm (UTC)
^^ Glad to hear it.