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[ATM] Smoke and Mirrors;

Title: Smoke and Mirrors
Fandom: Original (Against the Moon)
Character/s: Hiru, Auberon, Kagami
Words: 361
Notes: For Squeaker + 'beyond all expectations'.

nothing behind the curtain; nothing up my sleeveCollapse )

[PSOH] Evolution (Darwinism);

Title: Evolution (Darwinism)
Fandom: Petshop of Horrors
Character/s: Count D, Vesca Howell, Papa D (implied)
Words: 710
Notes: The third part of the Dissonance Arc. In which Count D pays a visit to his grandfather, and there are hints of D/Leon. Uh. >_>; Happy New Year?

the time has come to make the decisionCollapse )
Title: Some Assembly Required
Fandom: Bleach (MS)
Character/s: Hanatarou, Mayuri
Words: 614
Notes: AU, clearly, since this also never happened in the game. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my one and only Shini. Continuing the srs crack tradition of Fray, Darning, Patterns, and An Inconvenient Truth. (And, orz, it seems like it cuts out, but I don’t know how else to finish it. |D;)

allocate your sentiment and stick it in a boxCollapse )
Title: More Than We’ll Ever Feel
Fandom: Loveless
Character/s: Kio, Youji, Natsuo
Words: 819
Notes: A Christmas gift for the lovely squeakelala. X3 Hope you enjoy it, sweetness. It didn't quite make it into pairing territory, but I still think it counts, ne? 

So this is ‘warm’.Collapse )


[PSOH] One-Liners;

Another one-liner meme that is just pretending. Two ficlets in here, and no small number of drabbles. All PSOH-related, in honour of Shin Petshop v5. And... there are a number of different AUs in here. I've tried to group the related ones, but you know how AUs spiral out of control. XD

there is no running that can hide you; I can see in the darkCollapse )

[PSOH] Devotion;

Title: Devotion
Fandom: Pet Shop of Horrors
Character/s: Sofu D, Papa D, Vesca Howell
Words: 1040
Notes: This was much better the first time I wrote it. The second story in the Dissonance Arc, which can be found here. Sofu D does not have high hopes for this grandchild.

there'll be no better way to save meCollapse )

[PSOH] With Both Hands; D/Vesca

Title: With Both Hands
Fandom: Petshop of Horrors
Character/s: Papa D, Vesca Howell, Sofu D
Words: 883
Notes: The reincarnation fic, all growed up. Despite knowing better, as far as translation goes, I’m going with the lines in the Tokyopop edition, for the sake of easy recognition. Thankyou to my seme-sama, feather_qwill, without whom this would have vascillated even longer. XD

and all the roads that lead you there are windingCollapse )

[ATM] Building, Tumbling Down; Hiru/Sanga

Title: Building, Tumbling Down
Fandom: Original (Against the Moon)
Character/s: Hiru, Sanga
Notes: Written with 1sentence's theme set Delta, but unclaimed because I am lazy and nonparticipatory like that. [Also, written like YEARS AGO, JUST FYI.]

right on time you get closer and closerCollapse )
Title: Five Times Landre Cooked Dinner
Fandom: Original (Against the Moon)
Character/s: Landre, Kondekir
Words: 820
Notes: For gehdra, who, despite not-knowing these characters, comes up with highly entertaining prompts for them. XD

'It was a lovely thought, but I'm really very tired and I think it's probably best if I just go straight to sleep.'Collapse )


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